THE vegetable production

Very close to the gîte, we will visit our neighbors' vegetable farm and harvest your eggplants, peppers and cucumbers.

Our grandparents' small farm has become "Les jardins de la Belle".

Note that the opportunities for visiting and harvesting vary with the seasons.


Just next door, Valérie's artisanal vegetable cannery, Les Mijotées de la Belle, is waiting for you.

Valérie has been installed since September 2013 in our small village where, thanks to her, the former stable of our grandparents has become a processing laboratory.
She cooks from fresh vegetables, a part of which is supplied by Les jardins de la Belle. She prepares spreads, soups, and vegetarian recipes sterilized in glass jars.

You will find the products at Valérie's (by appointment) and in store.