"A time for you at La Ponne" with Tilia d'Oré

"In an naturally soothing environment, your desires for balance and harmony will be fulfilled".

My friend Aurélie joins me for a perfect welcome in La Ponne.

Aurélie practises foot reflexology and well-being massage with vegetable oils, techniques conducive to body relaxation and serenity.

She is for everyone, adults, children and babies (specialising in pregnant women).

Certified practitioner in foot reflexology with Stéphane LECOQ (RéflexoZen) and touch-massage with Joël SAVATOFSKI (IFJS).

Aurélie practices with kindness and attention, with the greatest respect for the person.

She has named her activity "Tilia", the Latin name of the linden tree, a tall and beautiful tree with soothing virtues.

Sessions are individual, by appointment and on site at La Ponne.


  • Energy foot reflexology

It is a foot massage technique that ensures complete relaxation of the body. One of the most pleasant methods of strengthening vitality and fighting stress.

  • Duration : 1heure
  • Tariff : 45 euros
  • Wellness massage with vegetable oil (back, body)

Fluid, harmonious, relaxing and global massage for a moment of serenity.

  • Duration : 1heure15
  • Tariff : 50 euros

n°SIRET : 79980044600012